Dirty Old Man 2 - Two Channel Overdrive / Distortion

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Redesigned from the ground up, this gentleman is ready to get DIRTY.

Check out the Dirty Old Man 2 in Gear Gods' distortion pedal MEGA SHOOTOUT (footage starts at about 1:13:30)!!!

The Dirty Old Man 2 is a dual JFET op amp based overdrive circuit with a very versatile two control tone section and two gain channels. The Dirty Old Man 1 was a great pedal, but we wanted to create a drive circuit that would be easier to control in the mild breakup section, more amp like in the higher gain areas, and with less dramatic clipping, so the need for gain recovery (which adds more noise to the signal) was reduced. The Dirty Old Man 2 was the result of that mission. The Hoot channel is for clean to mild break up sounds. The Holler channel is for higher gain distortion sounds. Dial in the Hoot control for your rhythm riffs, then kick into Holler for screaming leads. The secondary footswitch functions just like channels on an amp, allowing you to switch back and forth on the fly.

The Sneer and Scowl controls have been tweaked as well to give more tonal options. There is not a single position on the Sneer control that sounds bad. Roll back on Sneer to get a beefy crunch, or crank it up for cutting fuzz-like tones on the Holler channel. Dial in the mids and upper mids with the Scowl control. Crank up both controls for an AM radio like tone. There is all kinds of fun to be had with this pedal!

We had many nights that lasted waaaay up into the early morning hours spent tweaking and playing this circuit, messing with the gain structure, switching out diodes to get the exact texture we were looking for, and then just jamming out, so we can vouch for how much fun it is to play. If you were lucky enough to get to try it out at the 2016 SC Vintage Guitar Show, then you know what I'm talking about! The best part of all? By streamlining our processes and redesigning the circuit from scratch, we were able to add more options and actually sell the Dirty Old Man 2 for less than the original. All while still coming in a handsome, acid-etched enclosure that will look good long after your youthful beauty has faded. You're welcome.

Escape Plan Pedals use 9v center negative 200mA "Boss Style" power adapters.  This pedal does not include a battery snap.

All Escape Plan Pedals are handmade in Lenoir, NC, USA with the finest components - high quality switches, metal film resistors, Alpha pots, Neutrik / Amphenol connectors (depending on model). All pedals feature true bypass switching. 1 Year Warranty on parts.

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