Gear Acquisition Syndrome and Living Vicariously March 29 2022, 0 Comments

So, on top of making guitar gear, I LOVE collecting and using guitar gear! I got my first guitar as a gift from my grandpa when I was 5 (a little Harmony acoustic), but really got bit by the gear bug after my uncle gave me his old Kay electric and amp when I was about 11. Then came garage bands, Frankenstein-ing together rigs made of old stereos and any speakers we could find, scouring flea markets for old amplifiers and do-dads. Flash forward, I've had to set some strict-ish rules for myself to stop from tumbling into full blown gear hoarding. My family would say I've failed, I'm sure. 

I figured I could use this space to share my thoughts on some pieces of gear, in hopes that it will either help you scratch that itch without emptying your bank accout (or at least not getting gear you regret). So keep on the look out for new articles on a regular basis about guitars, pedals, amps, tools, etc. and I'll try to keep it interesting!