Fuzzy Memory 2 - Delay Boogaloo (Pedal)

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Check out the killer video Gearmanndude made with the Fuzzy Memory 2!


I love delay pedals. Ever since I got my first delay pedal in High School (a plastic Ibanez Soundtank), I was addicted to the watery sounds of oscillations being driven up and down by changes in the Time control. It just begged to be experimented with, so I started feeding anything I could find into that pedal: keyboards, tape players, drum machines, you name it. I opened up the pedal and started seeing what would happen if some of the components were shorted with a jumper across or replaced with components of different values. No pretension, no concern for anything other than FUN.

So here I am, many years down the line, still playing with delay circuits. The Fuzzy Memory 1 was a nice sounding pedal, but I wanted to take the circuit to the next level. Fuzzy Memory 2 was redesigned from scratch to give great, warm delay sounds, but also to be a tool for FUN. There's a redesigned buffer on the front end to keep the unaffected signal nice and clear. The post delay filtering was tweaked over and over to give awesome-sounding, musically warm repeats, while keeping any transient noises at a minimum until you get into the high end of the Time control. The controls are familiar...Time for the length of time between repeats, Mix to control the amount of delayed signal added back to the sound, and Repeats for the feedback control. Everything from tile-wall-style reverb to long, "softened around the edges" repeats are possible with this pedal.

Added to this new version are the Birth / Death control and the soft touch momentary footswitch. In Birth mode, the momentary causes the repeats to swell out of control. This is a noise / drone artist's dream come true. In Death mode, the momentary acts as a mechanical kill switch. This gives you the ability to do all kinds of rhythmic patterns and have those patterns bounced around by the delay circuit. Since it is a mechanical kill switch, if you hit it just right, you can even get some sputter-y noises as the contacts are barely touching. Definitely lots of fun on longer Time settings. Add a fuzz or drive before the Fuzzy Memory 2 for siren like patterns with the Death mode.  If you like experimenting to find cool sounds, or if you just want a great sounding, easy to use delay pedal, then the Fuzzy Memory is for you.

The Fuzzy Memory 2 comes in a beautiful acid-etched enclosure that will still look amazing when you're complaining about the neighborhood kids messing up your yard with their jet-shoes and robot dogs.


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Escape Plan Pedals use 9v center negative 200mA "Boss Style" power adapters.  This pedal does not include a battery snap.

All Escape Plan Pedals are handmade in Lenoir, NC, USA with the finest components - high quality switches, metal film resistors, Alpha pots, Neutrik / Amphenol connectors (depending on model). All pedals feature true bypass switching. 1 Year Warranty on parts.

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