Asphalt Lunch - Raw Sonic Mayhem for Guitar or Bass

$ 169.99 $ 190.99

Here's Eric Merrow showing off the different tones available from Asphalt Lunch, using it on both guitar and bass.


Asphalt Lunch is a grinding distortion machine with an active 2 band eq tuned to rumble the walls to pieces. No clipping diodes, just amplifier stages abusing each other. Equally great with bass or guitar, it created many surprised faces at NAMM 2018 with its rumbling, high gain, ripping roaring side, but also intrigued with its low gain classic garage punk side. I like turning down the bass, turning up the treble, keeping the Rip (Gain) control right around 9 o'clock and jamming out to some of my favorite post punk albums, then cranking up the bass some, maxing out the gain, and punishing the neighbors with all of my 90's skateboarding soundtrack. Plug it into your bass rig, pull out an Alesis drum machine that's collecting dust in your closet, activate the Asphalt Lunch, and you're in industrial "Streetcleaning" heaven, if you catch my drift. Sun-drenched, fuzzed-out days of bliss are here again, my friends!

True bypass and made from the best components, by hand, right here in North Carolina.


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