Launch Code - Guitar Synth Apocalypse Buddy

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It's here, and ready to lay your cities to waste! Launch Code went through many incarnations prior to it's final form, but at it's heart it is all about having fun making your guitar bleep and bloop like an old video game.

Eric Merrow shows just how versatile and fun this pedal can be.


Deceptively deep, the Launch Code can be your secret weapon to create out of this world textures in your music. Gain sections on front push the guitar into a square wave, which triggers a series of gate oscillators. REZ affects the gating and cut off of the note's decay. Lowers settings only catches peaks, higher settings get more sustain. LVL sets the overall level. BONUS is a clean blend that allows you to dial in amounts of unaffected guitar. P1/P2 sets the mode. Chirpy synth (P1) or subby bass (P2).

Launch Code is also super fun with synths and drum machines!


Eric was so impressed that he included Launch Code as one of his favorite pedals of NAMM 2018. 

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