Ouroboros - Dual Loop Pedal with Buffer

$ 154.99

The Ouroboros is a dual loop pedal with a transparent buffer that can be positioned before or after the effect loops. Got a passive volume pedal that's sucking tone? Got a long chain of true bypass pedals that suck some of the high end out of your signal? Have two independent signal chains that you want to switch between during a set? This is your fix. All and all, the Ouroboros is just a handy pedal to have around.

Please review our Information pages before placing a custom order.

Escape Plan Pedals use 9v center negative 200mA "Boss Style" power adapters.  This pedal does not include a battery snap.

All Escape Plan Pedals are handmade in Lenoir, NC, USA with the finest components - high quality switches, metal film resistors, Alpha pots, Neutrik / Amphenol connectors (depending on model). All pedals feature true bypass switching. 1 Year Warranty on parts.

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