2015.10.16 News Feed October 16 2015

Howdy, long time no see!

Sorry I've been so quiet on the digital media and website fronts, I've been keeping busy!

I've been exploring adding a new product line to the site...speaker cabs. This is mainly out of necessity, I was having a hard time finding a good open back 1x15" guitar cab to pair with my rig, so I figured I could build a few myself and see if anyone wants one. Will have them up on the store soon if anyone is interested.


Quietly Playing with Yourself...

Having a little one sleeping in the room adjacent to my studio has presented problems when it comes time to squeeze in some jam or pedal testing time. As a result I've been on a gear journey to find a way to get great tone while keeping noise to a minimum.  I have done digital modelers in the past, and I don't want to go that route this time (in fact, I have been selling off most of my digital units from the studio lately, shipped a Tonelab LE and a Digitech RP1000 this week). Since I'm sure I'm not the only one going through this (if you have apartment neighbors, kids, time constraints, etc.), I'll be making a series of videos to share my experience. I'm dubbing them "Adventures in Quiet", and should start in the next week. A sample of the units I will be testing in a quiet playing set up...

  • Various tube amps with speaker loads
  • Blackstar HT Dist
  • AMT F1
  • AMT V1
  • AMT O2
  • AMT S1
  • Carl Martin AC Tone (the big one)
  • Joe Meek GBQ
  • Randall RG13
  • Radial Tonebone Classic
  • Tech 21 Character series
    • Leeds v2
    • British v2
  • Electro Harmonix EHX Tortion

I'll test these units with their own speaker emulation as well as some standalone speaker emulators. Should be fun!


So, the release of Fuzzy Memory v2 was pushed back a bit to incorporate more bells and whistles so you can get more bang for your buck. It will be released during the upcoming Halloween sale though, so keep an eye out.


Speaking of which, Halloween sale coming soon! More details this week...


Lastly, I read an interesting article on sexism in music instrument sales on's  blog recently, and it got me to thinking, why's there no dudes in guitar marketing? No male-shaped eye candy? If for no other reason, it should drive home the rediculous nature of the double standard in marketing. To address this, I'm working on artwork for a new fuzz coming out this year. Let me ask you, what's fuzzier than fuzzy? How 'bout a BEAR HUG? And so, my new fuzz, Bear Hug is coming soon. Adorned with all the manly fuzz one can handle, I think you'll like it. The circuit will rip your face off, and the artwork will be...fuzzy. I'm excited to turn this bear on. All joking aside, it's gonna freakin rock.


So that's what's up with me. Getting a deluxe vinyl version of my buddies Thing Sloth's album Lenoirmous ready. Interesting story, Chris, Dave, and Sam recorded all 14 tracks for the original in one looooong ass session, at the risk of life, limb, and vocal chords. It's a great punk album, and I'm proud to have been involved with bringing it to the masses. Buy it when it comes out, and support independent music.

That's all for now, folks!



2015.04.26 News Feed April 26 2015

In May, we are going to be releasing a new version of the Fuzzy Memory delay / echo / reverb. It sports a newly designed input buffer and dramatic changes to the filtering section on the repeats. Also, if you go with the infinity switch, it'll be a soft touch, so no more risk of popping. I'll put it to you this way, as soon as I finished the first one, I knew I wanted one on my board :) If you can't wait to hear it until May, check out this review and demo over at Pedal of the Day...

Also, make sure to follow Pedal of the Day on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. because they are always posting great gear. I feel like I hear about something new every time I visit their site, and they are awesome people, so give them some support!

That also means that around that time, I'm going to DEEPLY DISCOUNT the v1 Fuzzy Memory pedals that I have left in stock, so keep an eye out for that.

Butch pedals will be back in stock soon. I'm afraid that I may have gotten a bad batch of transistors (they weren't packaged in a static shielded bag, and I've had a couple in the batch go noisy) that I used in some of the early Butch pedals, so I may be doing a recall on those and fixing them up free of charge if anyone is having any issues. The pedals will still work, but they may be a little noisier than I originally intended when I released them, and I don't want you guys to be disappointed in that pedal because it really is awesome (if it's not got that hiss going on). More to come on that, and I'll be contacting those of you that purchased a Butch in the first run individually to let you know of the issue.

2015.03.17 News Feed March 17 2015

Hi all,

If you happen to be at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, TX this week, make sure to grab a guitar and come by the Stompbox Exhibit, hosted by The Deli magazine. It's March 19-21 at the Austin Convention Center. Admission is free, so you really have no excuse not to go! We will have a Dirty Old Man on the Mixed Drive and Boost board and a Psycho Andy Deluxe on the Mixed Fuzz board. I don't have any dealers in Austin currently, so if you want to try out these pedals in person, don't miss your chance! It's guaranteed to be a fun time (wish i could go, stuck here in NC this week :(  ) We're also donating a Dirty Old Man to a great cause, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. They have helped provide health care for Austin area musicians for 10 years, and Doug Niemczura of Earthquaker Devices has organized a gear auction in coordination with Uncle Doug's Chili Dog Fest 6. It'll be Sunday, March 22, at Empire Control Room and Garage.

For more info on the Stompbox Exhibit...

For more info on Uncle Doug's Chili Dog Fest (I'll post a better link when I'm updated)

2015.01.11 News Feed January 11 2015

A few exciting things going on...we're going to have a few pedals at The Deli's Stompbox Exhibit at South By Southwest, so if you're in Austin March 19-21, swing by the Stompbox Exhibit and check out some awesome pedals!

Probably going to skip the SC guitar show in Spartanburg in favor of the Charlotte Classic Guitar Show in August. Will let you know this summer!

New pedals in the works...still tweaking the design of the Schizophuzz, but wanting to have it be one of the pedals at SXSW. I have a yet unnamed tiny fuzz pedal that I'm releasing this spring. It's in a 1590a size enclosure, and I'm stamping the designs on it rather than etching to save time / money and so i can keep it cheap. I'm packing a lot of fuzziness into a small package, so stay tuned on that one. I've also added the original Psycho Andy fuzz to the site so you can order that pedal for cheaper than the deluxe version.

Last but not least, use code "NEWYEARSHIP" for Free Shipping...good through Saturday, January 31, 2015!

2014.12.01 News Feed December 01 2014

Cyber Week Specials!

  • Use code "CYBERWEEK2014" for 20% off everything in the store.
  • Use code "CYBERSHIP" for Free Shipping
Good through Saturday, December 6, 2014!

2014.09.14 News Feed September 14 2014

Just a quick note on what we're doing right now...

I'm currently toying with the idea of selling only through dealers rather than factory direct. This will be great in that it will free up more time for production and new pedal development, and I will try to partner with dealers that also have an online footprint so you can still buy pedals, no matter where you are located physically. The best part is if you are near one of these dealers, you can go down and try out the pedals in person. If you are a dealer and would be interested in carrying some pedals, hit me up!

Currently working on some new delay designs that I'm excited about. There's not enough solid details for me to expand at this point, but I think you will be surprised in the result :)

I'm going to add t-shirts to the store this week. I've got L and XL in stock, and they'll be $13. That's just enough for me to break even, and I look at it like free advertising, so no point on charging anyone a ton! More to come...

At this point, I think that we will be hosting a booth at the guitar show in Spartanburg this spring. Should be a good time!

Now...back to work!

2014.08.09 News Feed August 09 2014

We have some new pedals, some coming soon, some coming very soon!

First up we have Collider.

This loop pedal has an adjustable gain stage on your input signal, and a gain stage on the signal sent to the loop, with a variable tone control to limit which frequencies go to the loop. Then there is a mixer to allow you to blend the signal from the effects loop back in with your original sound. Lots of possibilities with this one!

Next is Ouroboros. This is another loop pedal, this time with two true-bypass effects loops switchable by foot. There's a nice sounding op amp based buffer that you can turn on or off and position before the loops or after the loops. This is a good swiss army knife pedal for controlling those unruly signal chains.

Both Collider and Ouroboros models are being built as we speak, and should be available in the store within a week or two.

Last, we have our new fuzz pedal. I haven't actually gotten around to naming this one yet. This is a transistor based fuzz pedal that has two modes. The first mode is a raunchy 60s style fuzz. The second mode changes the bias on the second transistor and adds germanium clipping diodes, getting a smoother drive sound, more reminiscent of a distortion pedal. Either section then feeds into a very interactive EQ section. This one should be lots of fun, and the circuit will be finished with the initial design phase in a couple weeks.

In other news, we're gearing up for the Carolina Guitar Show on August 23 and 24. If you're in the Charlotte, NC area, please come by and see us! The show is being held at the Metrolina Expo, 10am - 6pm on Saturday and 10am - 4pm on Sunday. We'll have pedals to try out and buy, t-shirts for sale, stickers and more. Should be a good time!