Winter NAMM 2018, here we come!!! January 17 2018

We're going to be at Winter NAMM this year, booth #3231. As such, orders between 1/24 and 1/29 may be delayed to ship until 1/30. If you are at the NAMM show, come find us in Hall D. Look for the guy with a big red beard and awesome pedals, can't miss 'em! When you get there, try out our two newest pedals!!!

Launch Code is a synthy fuzzy crazy pedal. I think you'll enjoy bleep blooping the time away with it.


Next, we have a distortion that'll rip more faces than an ill advised halfipipe session, Asphalt Lunch

I've had a ton of fun designing these boxes of mayhem, so come on by if you're in sunny Anaheim next week and check them out!