NAMM Diary - Day 1 of Show January 25 2018

Stranger in a strange land...

Since this is my first time here, I'm trying to get acclimated. One thing I don't like is all the contradictory info available. Show opens at 10, but exhibitors can meet with sellers for appointments between 8 and 10, but no mention of how to do that. Breakfast starts at 8:30, and people are already lining up (it's 7:30). Must be one fine damn breakfast. If your badge gets lost or destroyed, it's $100 to get it replaced, so be careful! All being equal, I'm really excited to get in and get going. The Hilton is a beautiful building.

Need to procure some coffee, water and fruit or something healthy to eat, post haste. Too much poisons from airport food yesterday. 

This is probably a better experience after you link up with folks at the show, the packs seem happier than the looks of desperation on the faces of the lone wolves. I'm a people watcher, so this is like Christmas. And chain wallet guys sound like reindeer bells.

Side note, Bjorn that does designs for Bearfoot, One Control, etc. was on my flight from Chicago to Santa Ana. You can recognize him from a mile away, he looks like a rocker Skellen Skarsgard. Didnt get to talk to him. Havent seen anyone else i recognize yet.

NAMM on drugs would be the worst experience anyone could ever have. Sensory overload, start to finish. Briefly got in line for breakfast, but decided against it since I'm still carrying my equipment around. Need to make a store run tonight. You forget all of your hardbaked traveler instincts with all this stimulation. Camping or otherwise, source fresh water, secure reliable and easy food, set up your base of operations, map out all the usuals (bathrooms, entrance / exits, etc.) Tap water in Anaheim turns to dust apparently. I kid you not, my clothes iron started spitting out sand-like dust this morning. Need a filtering water bottle.

 I pulled a 24 hour work marathon before leaving to go to NAMM and during that I listened to Let it Beep by Royal Bangs. A lot. Like, too much. The whole album is still playing on repeat in my brain.

So, it's 2:49pm. Been in the booth all day, met some really great people. Folks are having the predictable reaction to Launch Code. People that like synths, fuzz, and nontraditional sounds like it. Lawyer rockers are scared by it. Oliver from DBA came by, filmed a demo of his new gear, and tried out my stuff, Mattoverse's, and Main Ace's. Really nice guy. Here's the thing about the pedal industry. It's so insane because it doesn't appear to be bound by traditional market pressures, and it is a crowded market, but the people I've met don't view each other as competition. We all get excited for each other and we're all just trying to get by. No one is planning to get rich at their peer's expense. 

Night now, end of day 1. Walking on the sidewalk in Anaheim, it's so strange to see folks smoking weed in the open. Imagine if it was decriminalized across the nation, all the people no longer serving time for non violent offenses, increased tax revenue. I digress, there are plenty of arguments for and against, but it does add to the other worldly feel of Anaheim during NAMM. Disney's monorail, Tower of Terror peeking over the hedges, castles, sound and people everywhere. 

Didn't get out much, but here's my favorites of the picks coming from Dunlop are AWESOME, modular synth section was amazing, some new Ibanez guitars are nice. Want to try out my neighbors' pedals tomorrow, they all look amazing.

Grubhub is doing the Lord's work btw...Day and Nite Tacos delivered to my room.