2016.02.20 News Feed February 20 2016

New Year, New Pedals!

At the South Carolina Guitar Show on February 27 and 28, we'll be releasing three new pedals for you fine folks to try out! First up, a new pedal for 2016, SCIENCE FRICTION!

Science Friction

We've always loved the sounds you can get through unorthodox pedal placement in your chain, and one of our favorite is placing a reverb or delay before a dirt pedal and hear how the decay affects the distorted tone. This pedal features a delay fed into a distortion circuit, however we tweaked the range of the time control (Space) so that you can even get reverb sounds with it. You can also crank down the Mix control and use the pedal as a regular distortion, or bring down the Drive control and use the pedal as a regular delay, with the added benefit of uncontrolled oscillations being clipped by the distortion circuit. We can't wait for you to try it out and see how much fun you can have!

Next, we have the second version of the FUZZY MEMORY delay...

Fuzzy Memory v2

This is another pedal designed for FUN. A refined buffer section was added to reduce the "tone suck" that's pretty common with delay pedals, and the filtering section was also refined to give beautiful, warm repeats. The real fun starts with the momentary footswitch and the Birth/Death control. In Birth position, the momentary allows you to swell the repeats out of control. In Death position, the momentary acts as a killswitch, allowing you to create rhythmic patterns that then get fed through the delay circuit, giving you all kinds of unique sound creation opportunities.

Lastly, the DIRTY OLD MAN circuit was redesigned from the ground up to give that same awesome drive sound and almost limitless tonal options, but now with a lower noise floor and footswitchable gain settings. Now you can set a mild overdrive for your rhythm sound, and a higher gain setting for leads, and switch them on the fly.  It's just a really good-sounding, versatile drive pedal, now made even more flexible.

So come on out to the SC Guitar Show in Spartanburg on February 27 and 28 and try out these and other awesome pedals!

More info on the SC Guitar Show below...