2014.09.14 News Feed September 14 2014

Just a quick note on what we're doing right now...

I'm currently toying with the idea of selling only through dealers rather than factory direct. This will be great in that it will free up more time for production and new pedal development, and I will try to partner with dealers that also have an online footprint so you can still buy pedals, no matter where you are located physically. The best part is if you are near one of these dealers, you can go down and try out the pedals in person. If you are a dealer and would be interested in carrying some pedals, hit me up!

Currently working on some new delay designs that I'm excited about. There's not enough solid details for me to expand at this point, but I think you will be surprised in the result :)

I'm going to add t-shirts to the store this week. I've got L and XL in stock, and they'll be $13. That's just enough for me to break even, and I look at it like free advertising, so no point on charging anyone a ton! More to come...

At this point, I think that we will be hosting a booth at the guitar show in Spartanburg this spring. Should be a good time!

Now...back to work!